Jessica's new self-image, and it's not about work!

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I was just updating my calendar and realize that I have roughly 8 weeks to go before my last day at work! With Baby Bun scheduled for June 1 (due date), I'm planning on taking off work 2 weeks early to pamper myself and get ready for my parents' visit. My folks will stay a few months to help with baby. It will be much appreciated.

I just can't believe that I have so little time left. There is a lot to do at work, and many things to hand off to others. I know things will be fine and ya know, operate without me but that still doesn't mean I don't have mixed feelings.

It's nice to feel needed at work. And I know that when I leave work and literally pack up my desk for my year of maternity leave, I will be the same Jessica when I return. If anything, my coach says that I will become more like a legend.

My good friend told me that a year will seem like a long time to be away, but that it will go so fast for everyone still there. He's right.

No time would have been good to have my maternity leave. I feel confident though, that I'm ready for motherhood and growing the family. Now *is* the right time for me, even if the economy is in the toilet. This is where I'm learning to say "not my problem."

There is never a good time to take a vacation, let alone extended leave. I know that, but need to keep reminding myself!

It will all come together just fine. This step in my life is for me and Mark and our new family. Nothing can take that away from us. Work will always be there, but for the first time in many years, it will not be the primary vision of my own self-worth in life.

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