Finding my Constant

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In preparing for early labor which still could come on at any minute (or as delayed as 3-4 weeks from now), my midwife suggested that I find something that balances me - my Constant. It could be music. It could be a photo or imagery, meditation or snuggling with a pet.

How do I find my constant? What is the one thing that I go back to when I'm sad, lonely or in need of a recharge? It's hard to identify just one thing, since I must have this mechanism to cope with life, stress and being overwhelmed and reach for it automatically without thinking.

What's interesting about being asked to have my constant handy is that I can't quite put my finger on what it is.

At first guess, I would just say, "Mark!" He does balance me. Mark's so level-headed and logical while I'm dramatic and excitable. I exaggerate, he understates. We're perfectly balanced in how we approach life together.

But outside of Mark, who will certainly be there while I experience unknown labor pains and levels of hurt unimaginable, I need to make sure I have a few Constants to ease my mind.

I think what my Constant is could be an emotion that comes from any of these sources. It could be a photo of my sister, a favorite melody from a song that I hum, or a memory from the past.

My Constant is something internal and personal to me, that only I can understand. My memory of the past or vision of the future is something that (hopefully) can't be lost, misplaced or forgotten.

This is what I'll take with me when I experience labor and await meeting the little person in me.

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