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Milo Samuel Manca - 1 Month oldMilo Samuel Manca
1 Month old

Time is passing quickly! Remembering how small Milo was when we first brought him home is a distant memory. Milo's much bigger and longer now at one month of age - see his latest photo album. He's alert and very studious of his parent's faces. He also enjoys being outside, bumpy stroller rides and being swaddled with both arms in (a little trick we have learned to help him sleep).

He's become more aware of his hands, and his movements are all around more deliberate. He even slaps his mama in the face when hungry. He reaches for things and sometimes holds his pacifier. We've even heard him say "a-coo."

In the last few weeks, Mark and I have worked to support a schedule that works for the whole family. Milo is sleeping 4-5 hrs straight at night. This means that once he's in bed for the night around 10 or 11, everyone has several hours of good sleep. He wakes up around 3AM and goes right back asleep until 6AM.

Both Milo and I are getting stronger everyday. We passed our 5 week health check with flying colors. Milo now weights 11 lbs! As a family, we try to go on nightly walks after dinner. I hope to sign up for baby yoga with him in the next month.

Days at Home
During the day, there's not much time for anything else other than making sure he has a full belly, burping, changing and sleeping! Watching TV is a great pastime during feedings, hence I've subscribed to BTW - It's ok - not as efficient as Netflix by not sending movies as quickly nor from my top picks. Milo loves movie soundtracks and can sleep through lots of noise. At night, we turn on the sound machine alarm clock to create white noise for him. It works! A few people commented how he slept through most of our Canada Day party given the number of people and children at the house.

To stay more mobile with him, we purchased a baby sling during the day just so I can be more hands-free but yet still hold him. It's great to keep him close ( He gets bored if he's in one place for too long. He loves looking around and watching what all we do in the house.

Our pets are getting used to Milo. They are rebelling a bit and having more accidents since he's been home. That part, I'll spare giving you the details. I think they're curious and jealous of all the attention we give Milo.

House Guests
My parents had a great visit after Milo arrived. In the photo album, you can see a photo of Milo's bassinet with this amazing quilt that my mom stitched! It has his name on it and birth date. It's very special and will be with him always.

My dad and Milo have a lot in common - hair and eye color! We're not sure if Milo's color will change but he has reddish/light brown hair and blue eyes.

I'll miss them now that they're back in Indianapolis. As their first grandchild, my parents are just so proud and happy. I can only imagine how that much feel.

Later this month, Mark's sister Maria will be staying with us. Mark's mom, dad and brother will be arriving likely in August. We absolutely appreciate the help and love seeing family during this time. We hope we can see all our friends later this year. We will need to get Milo a passport after his birth certificate arrives in the next few months. Long-term, he will certainly get a US passport as well. In turn, Mark and I will apply for Canadian citizenship. At that point, we'll all be US and Canadian citizens.

Happy growing Milo! You're doing great!

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