The early months

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Milo in his swingJessica, Milo and Pooh in the morning

This summer was a blast and filled with many firsts for Milo. Every child grows at their own pace. We quickly learned that reading up on what was happening now that Milo was in the world wasn't as interesting as it had been when he was in the womb. He seemed to be on a good schedule, so we put the parenting book aside and just watched him grow!

Here's some of our favorite moments during July and August. There's also some candid photos taken from the laptop which are easy for mom and bebe to pose for!

First Canada Day

Not only did we have a great long visit with my folks in June, but July kicked off with Milo's first Canada Day! He was dressed in spirits and not too sure about the flag we had him wave. Like years before, Mark and I hosted a more intimate Canada Day party (only 40 guests or so this year). Milo met many for the first time.

I specifically remember how long it took for us to get ready for a party. Mark managed to do most of the setup while I kept Milo fed and changed all morning. After some guests started to arrive, Milo was alert and happy making new friends. We walked around the crowd having him meet the sea of new faces. It didn't take long for this new adventure to cause him to be tired. He fell asleep right in the middle of the party!

Milo July 20Milo on July 20From a very early age, we used a sound machine in our bedroom when Milo naps. We wanted him to get comfortable with a low hum of everyday noise. We never tip-toed around him. Guess what? It worked as proven on Canada Day. Many people commented how he was able to fall asleep during a party.

Although Mark and I missed fireworks and took all the next day to clean the house, it was so worth it to see everyone on this very special day.

First Swing

Milo in his swingMilo in his swing

Our good friends lent us the Fisher Price fish-themed swing. As each week passed, we introduced Milo to a new toy or book. To keep his mind occupied with new textures and sensations, we actually introduced him to the swing around this time.

Some early shots were taken on that day. Milo just gazed up at amazement as the little fishies floated above his head. He was not to sure about swinging, but those fish have caught his attention and heart.

First Teething pains

Mark and I were beside ourselves when Milo started to sleep more than 6 hours a night. It was easy and life was falling back into a better routine than we thought was possible with a young one around.

As with most things too good to be true, that wonderful concept of long restful sleep went out the window when Milo began teething at 3 months. The pain was sharp. The cries changed. We purchased Camilia, which is a natural homeopathic liquid that you apply to his gums. When that didn't work well enough, we would give him white grape flavored tylenol.

In these days, it was difficult for any toy to really soothe his pain. He often didn't want anything in his mouth until the pain subsided. Once he would take to his soother again, he would calm himself and usually fall to sleep.

First Meeting Maria and Gary

Milo in his swingMaria and Milo at Planet Coffee

The summer continued with Milo beginning to meet the Seattle Mancas. Maria visited in late July, early August. Gary arrived on Maria's last days and stayed a week. We had fun walking all over Ottawa, even ventured out to the market for a coffee and lunch. Milo loved being outside and seeing the canal, the people and the hustle and bustle of everyone.

Maria and Gary both spoke Spanish to Milo often which was a treat. Mark and I know Spanish of course, but aren't practiced enough to speak it all the time. This is something really important to us that Milo doesn't grow up feeling embarrassed for his accent in Spanish. Milo in his swingMilo and Gary at SocialMark and I know if we had ever submersed ourselves in a Spanish culture for a lengthy period of time, we would have it down no problem like Maria and Gary (both lived in Spain).

One thing that was special also about their visit was that Milo seemed to understand that they were family. He took a keen interest in their faces and voices. I'm sure that mannerisms reminded Milo of his papa. It was very special!

First Shots

Milo July 20Milo on August 13
Finally, one of the most painful firsts was Milo's first real visit with a pediatrician for his booster shots. The poor guy was all smiles when we got there, and in a wailing mess when we left. The doctor joked that he specifically has the nurses administer the shot so that babies don't associate the pain with seeing a doctor. They gave him two pricks in each thigh.

Little does he know this would happen again and again every two months during his first year.

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