Rideau River Camping Adventure (as told by Laney)

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This weekend we went camping and had lots of fun. We weren't near home and I kept hearing people say "Rideau River" so maybe we went there.

We had lots of adventures, and best of all, we left that bad kitty Tashi at home! She is way too bad to take camping, so she had to stay by herself and watch the house. She doesn't do as good a job as me, but she did ok.

When we got there to the camping site, there was a big dog that I met. It was the size of a horse! He seemed nice, but I didn't like him around so I barked at him every chance I got. I told him who's boss!

Then I ran around and checked the perimeter of the camp area. It was good, except for that dog. Other people showed up and loved on me, so I was pretty happy. Oh yah, and we ate and I got to sneak what people were dropping. I almost got a whole hamburger when they weren't looking, but my mommy saw me.

At night, we had a big warm fire that I loved to lay right next to. I don't know why everyone was sitting back, but I layed right next to it. It was nice.

Then, we went to sleep in the tent which is fun because the three of us are together and it's like me sleeping on the bed, so I think it's a treat. We had a good sleep and it rained a little bit overnight.

When I woke up, I had to try to get out of the tent and use the bathroom. By the fact no one was up yet told me it was early, but I really had to go! So I ran around the tent and tried to find the zipper opening with my nose.

We even went on a little walk around the camp ground with one of the little kids there. But that dog was still at the camp ground in the morning. I thought I had taken care of him with all my barking yesterday! So I barked some more. He stayed away from me then.

And after that, we came back home to see the kitty. It's good to be back. Now time for a nap. Protecting 15 people from that dog wore me out.


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