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As a challenge many of us face in keeping balanced, organized and maintaining a simple approach to life, we frequently don't leverage resources, people and opportunity around us.

Ever feel like you are reinventing the wheel?

On this topic, there is no clear cut solution. There is no one size fits all that says if you just look, what you need is there waiting for you.

But in those cases where we are stretched or even stressed at the overwhelming amount of responsibility we have, we need to be conscious and recognize the situation.

Stop and realize that you need to break down the overwhelming part. You might need the assistance of others. You might need to ask yourself a few basic questions.

1. Is the thing I'm stressed about real, or my own expectations and standards?

2. Is it unchangeable - there's no slack in when it is due or happens?

3. Can anyone with knowledge or experience help me? Would anyone want to help me?

4. Am I fearing anticipation (awaiting the event to happen) or anxiety for the actual event?

Admittedly, this is an area which is very difficult to correct. Many do not realize they're in a pinch until it's too late. Many of us prefer not to solicit the help of others. It takes time, patience and communication to make that work.

But without understanding your environment and potentials within the current situation, you can never truly be balanced and avoid your own burnout and work overload.

Being resourceful is a great skill, and like a muscle that needs its exercise. Don't reinvent, leverage. And don't be afraid to seek out the support, information and help that you may need in life.

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