paso doble at the Ottawa Bluesfest

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Well, it is the beginning of March, and even though there is still snow on the ground, it is time to think forward to the summer and the Ottawa festival season. We want to make Paso Doble Burritos a tradition in the festival circuit!! If we ever do want to open up a series of burrito restaurants, we need to get the word out. That way when we open up, we'll have a set of ready-made customers eager to eat our burritos.

Last year we did the Ottawa Tulip Festival. This year, we're thinking about doing the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest. It would provide us with great exposure!!! We believe it will provide us with a better customer base that is more representative of the target Paso Doble customer -- younger and hipper.

Because last year was our first time at a festival, we lost money. Hopefully this year with the experience we gained last go-around, we can make money. If we do the spreadsheets and we aren't projected to make any money, we'll skip it. Given the tough economic times and the fact that Jessica will be on maternity leave, we can't throw money away unnecessarily.

But if the spreadsheets do work out, the Bluesfest will be critical for building word of mouth! We had so many people tell us at the Tulip Festival that they loved our burritos. We expect that we'd get the same type of response at the Bluesfest! Ottawa is ready for more burritos!

Even with all that, the thing that would hold us back would be baby Bun. Baby Bun will only e 3-6 weeks old (depending on when s/he is born) by that point. And to take the ten days of long hours of work so soon after the birth may not be the best thing.

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