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doing what we can to save this planet.
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Chapter :: cleanliness is well, really organized

learn to use less - accumulate less and reuse what you already have.

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For some time now, I've had the urge to create a lifestyle guide. This guide would have practical knowledge and advice but really examine a perfect storm combination of personality, creativity and intention in one's life.

It wouldn't be for everyone, but people who are driven, highly detailed in what they enjoy doing and organized.

This book is designed for people who want to have it all - be good at your career, your home and your community. You also want to change the world, but don't know how. You want to be green and consider yourself much greener than most people around you. You're creative, passionate and when the right project is on your plate, you feel you can move mountains to make something happen.

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Project Better Place

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For those of you that know me well, you know that lately I've been very interested in our environment. One of the things that I've been especially passionate about lately is electric cars. In my mind, they are definitely where the future is. With the latest advancements in battery technology, they can be built to go as fast and as far as a gasoline car. You no longer have to compromise performance for the environment.

There has been one area that electric cars still have issues with -- the cross country road trip. Even the most sophisticated electric cars have a range of only 250 miles. That is where Project Better Place comes in. The wonderful YouTube video below (you may need to read the full blog entry to see it embedded at manca's cafe) does a great job of explaining their battery exchange concept.

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