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simple ideas for ways to live our lives, everyday
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For some time now, I've had the urge to create a lifestyle guide. This guide would have practical knowledge and advice but really examine a perfect storm combination of personality, creativity and intention in one's life.

It wouldn't be for everyone, but people who are driven, highly detailed in what they enjoy doing and organized.

This book is designed for people who want to have it all - be good at your career, your home and your community. You also want to change the world, but don't know how. You want to be green and consider yourself much greener than most people around you. You're creative, passionate and when the right project is on your plate, you feel you can move mountains to make something happen.

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changing your environment

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How much does our environment affect the way we feel? When you're sitting in a room, do you notice your surroundings? How does it change you, your attitude or your mood?

Having strong balance within yourself can be greatly influenced by the balance around yourself. We are all connected to every living thing, and I believe other tangible things - colors, texture and light.

We love certain colors or hues for a reason - they make us feel a certain way. Having horrible light with baby food colored walls isn't exactly inviting.

For example, take this common situation: You have a pile of old mail that isn't urgent, so you stack it in a pile. Soon, that pile grows into a big pile until it seems it would take you hours to sort it through. Maybe you put it in a drawer or a box hoping that by "organizing" it, you have solved the overwhelming sensation it gives you.

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your designer and critic

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Getting Started
Let's begin by discovering some alternative ways to approach life, work and projects. This section is a great starting point for becoming perfectly organized.

A little book I found several years ago still influences many of the things I do today. Whether it's wrestling with my inbox, tackling big projects that barely hold my interest or updating my endless todo list, this book has been such a great inspiration. It's called "Getting Things Done."

David Allen runs a consulting firm in southern California and specializes in helping people time manage and resort back to when things where "simple" and we weren't all suffering from information overload.

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