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neither dreams, nor health or home stuff.
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We added this section to share some of the best of stuff we know about - whether it's food, being healthy tips or just other fun stuff! Enjoy!


  • ph balance diet: Is your body's ph level too acidic? Lose weight by becoming more alkaline.
  • yin yoga: Relaxing, easy-to-do poses, deep stretch yoga


  • food: See what's for dinner at our house!


  • movies: View our top movie picks.
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The First Day of a New Era

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Today is the first day of a new adventure!! Yesterday was my last day as a full-time employee of Adobe. I am now part-time so I can spend time pursuing an entrepreneurial opportunity.

I started at Adobe on October 15, 2000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've worked in multiple locations on multiple products. Lately, I've been a Senior Product Manager for LiveCycle. Life at Adobe isn't all about the product -- I've worked with some great people! It is the people that make the experience. Even though I'm going part-time, I continue to bleed Adobe red.

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Jessica and Bun preparing for the big day

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With less than 8 weeks to go, or so it would seem by my 40 week duration for pregnancy, Bun and I are doing all we can to get ready.

Bun actively performs several strength-training moves like the double foot kick, the karate chop and the head-butt to the bladder. Bun stays in shape this way everyday even while balancing on his/her head! Impressive!

Bun's also both a late-night and early riser. Bun's schedule shows he/she makes the most out of each day.

New Year's 2009 at the Oregon Coast

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New Year's Eve and retreat at the Oregon Coast with Mark's family!

Small stop in Portland and in Seattle to see Jackie and Scott & Julie!

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Baby Manca

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Today, we laid eyes on a very special person, the one growing in my belly. The one making me smile and giggle uncontrollably. The one that made me give up lunchmeat. The one we love so very much.

We met Baby Manca during his/her first photo shoot. Like any celebrity, he/she put his/her hands up as if to say, "stop, no wait...take it from this angle."

The ultrasound went really well! We saw the heartbeat which was normal beats/minute. Mark and I also saw the baby kick and wave it's arms. It even reclined his/her little head back - totally relaxing. Baby Manca is roughly the size of an avocado - about 3 inches in length.

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Long time in the making - my first book

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In college, I had this idea for a lifestyle guide. I always thought it would end up being about relationships or success. In many ways, that's where my ambitions and dreams were at that time.

Long since, I've considered the same idea but to a broader audience - people who I think are similar minded in their approach to life. Maybe they have the same passions as me, or maybe they run into the same hurdles as reoccurring themes in their lives?

This book, which I'm crafting on this blog site, is the working rendition of these ideas. Feedback welcome.

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fact-based clinical

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This section is all about balance. We hear the word all the time - work life balance, ph balance, balance beam, tire balance.

What if there was a way to approach life in more of a mental balance perspective? There is.

This is a little secret that those who have worked with me in recent years might have heard me refer to as "mental aikaido."

Aikaido is the martial arts of taking and diverting energy away from your opponent. It's primarily associated with combat and self-defense. If someone is running at you full speed, aikaido allows you to take that force, convert it to your own.

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confidence in new environments

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If we find that our environment affects us so inherently, how can we ever be comfortable in all situations?

The truth - we can't.

But we can learn to recognize that different situations even people present can influence or affect us. You'll never have full control of each environment you pass through in life.

So make the most of what you have. Find what's unique and special. Have you ever been some place that was so lame, so not your style, but you find it makes you giggle? Don't be so resistant to new environments. Learn to go with the flow.

You'll be surprised that once you l

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unique you

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Being Perfect
Where does perfectionism come from? Is it being controlling? Is it the devil in the details?

Perfectionism is both a blessing and a curse. As with the previous examples, it can stifle you or hold you back until all pieces are in place. It can also be the key to success.

It's human to not be perfect at everything, or all things in your world. Just don't beat yourself up for your imperfections.

Unique You
Often what you find you want to change most about yourself are the very thing that others love about you. Being fabulous be creative with your uniqueness.

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Top 10 Comedy Movies of all time
  1. I heart Huckabees
  2. Burn after Reading
  3. Little Miss Sunshine
  4. Stranger than Fiction
  5. Election
  6. Footloose
  7. Singles
  8. Contact
  9. Bridget Jones Diary
  10. 200 Cigarettes
  1. Stranger than Fiction
  2. Elf
  3. Devil Wears Prada
  4. Blades of Glory
  5. Zoolander
  6. Princess Diaries
  7. Election
  8. Enchanted
  9. Little Miss Sunshine
  10. Secret of My Success
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